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Q: What can Airportsrunner do for me?
A: Airportsrunner are your private car service specialists. When you need a private car and a driver to transport you to or from Airports and Seaports in the UK, or hotels in London or any postal district, you can trust Airportsrunner to handle these needs for you with clockwork dependability. Be assured the vehicle will be yours to use alone. No shared transfer service „ not from Airportsrunner.

Q: What type of service do you provide?
A: Call us your private ground transfer service, if you wish. All you have to do is inform us your desired destination and schedule, and we shall make sure you get there on time. Tell us where and when you want to go, and we will get you there. If you have a particular vehicle preference, we can provide you with the type you want, and they all come with licensed PCO drivers who are exemplars of courtesy and helpfulness.
Q: How long has Airportsrunner been in this business?
A: Airportsrunner’s executives have many years of experience in the business of providing for the transport and logistics needs of people on the move. They know what it takes to provide top-notch private transport service.

Q: Are you licensed?
A: We have all the required licenses and permits to operate, and we abide by all of the PCO regulations.

Q: What cities do you service?
A: We cover most cities in the UK. Even if we are not there ourselves, we can make arrangements to provide what you need.

Q: Which airports do you cover?
A: Our private car transfer service is available at most London airports in the UK.
Q: How do I make bookings?
A: You can book online. Click here to book right now. Please have your credit card details ready and tell us the number of passengers and luggage. That’s all.

Q: If I need something bigger than a car, can you service that?
A: We can provide any type of vehicle you may need, from cars to, minibuses.

Q: How do I pay Airportsrunner?
A: Airportsrunner will accept credit card payments (all major cards are acceptable). Some fees for processing may apply.

Q: What about cash payments?
A: We do accept cash. However, when making your booking by telephone we may need credit card details from you to secure the reservation. Our web site uses the latest security technologies to ensure all your personal details will remain confidential.

Q: In case of flight delays, will I pay extra charges?
A: No, you will not pay extra. We monitor up-to-the-minute changes in flight arrival schedules. We dispatch drivers just in time for actual flight arrivals.

Q: How do I find the assigned driver when I arrive?
A: The booking process and the email confirmation will provide details of the meeting point. In general, you are directed to “The Information Desk” at most of the Airports; and seaports.

Q: What happens when I can’t find my driver?
A: You can call our phone number +44 (0)20 8099 2795 (8am-10pm) . Please be ready to provide your transfer order reference number or your name.

Q: Will I have to pay only your quoted price?
A: Generally, you will pay only the quoted price. It is very rare that extra charges are added, and you are usually informed about them beforehand. Processing fees are charged on card (credit or debit) payments.

Q: Do the quoted prices refer to per person or per vehicle?
A: You will not be sharing the vehicle with anybody else, unless you are making bookings for a group. In any case, the vehicles we provide are for your sole use and you will pay per vehicle.

Q: How long before I need the car should I make my booking?
A: Earlier bookings are always better, so we would suggest you book 24 hours before. Depending on circumstances. For last minute and emergency bookings, please call us on +44 (0)20 8099 2795 (8am-10pm)

Q: I am not familiar with online booking. Can I book by phone?
A: We have a simple process for online booking. You may also call our  reservations phone line, +44 (0)20 8099 2795 (8am-10pm) in case you wish to speak with our reservations staff.

Q: What if I am booking for a party of over 8 passengers?
A: We can provide vehicles enough for 1 person or a party of 16 people. Just make sure you indicate the correct number of passengers when you fill out the special form.

Q: What if I arrive in the middle of the night?
A: We will provide the service you need anytime. We work on 24hr basis, with no extra charges. However, on a few certain days, there will be an extra charge: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, and Boxing Day.
 Q: What if the flight arrives too early or much delayed?
A: There’s nothing to worry about. We monitor flight arrivals and will dispatch drivers only when the flights are due to arrive. You won’t pay any extra charges.

Q: What are your normal extra charges?
A: After the free-period waiting time, we charge 25pence per minute. Minimum charge for diversions   £ 5.00 Undeclared extra passengers/luggage .

Q: Will I have to make advance payment?
A: No. We don’t require advance payment. However, we may need your credit card details to serve as security for the telephone booking.

Q: What if I wish to cancel the booking?

A: You may cancel bookings. Please read our terms and conditions governing cancellations.

Q: Suppose my flight is cancelled, what will happen?
A: You must call us immediately on  +44 (0)20 8099 2795 (8am-10pm). Since we will know from our flights monitoring about the cancellation, no driver will have been despatched. But we need to arrange for your transfer order; you will have 24 hours within which to rebook without extra costs.

Q: Suppose I miss the flight, what happens?

A: You must call us immediately on , +44 (0)20 8099 2795 (8am-10pm) Since we will monitor the flight, we shall have despatched a driver to meet you „Ÿ unless you inform us before we do so. Once we have despatched the driver, the full terms and conditions shall apply and you will pay the “No Show” charge. If you reach us before we despatch the driver, we will allow you to re-book your transfer order within 24 hours, without extra charges.
Q: Suppose the flight is diverted and lands in another airport, what will happen?
A: You must call us immediately on , +44 (0)20 8099 2795 (8am-10pm). Unless you instruct us to meet you (or your passenger) at that airport, we will not despatch a driver. Your authorisation is necessary because additional charges for the extra mileage will be levied.



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